Uncategorized Contemporary Tanner Place Condominium in the Pearl Tanner Place in the Pearl with a Walk Score of 98 Offers an Easy Lifestyle!   Welcome home to the coveted Tanner Place Condominiums in the heart of the Pearl District. The high ceilings give the feeling of spaciousness. The large double pane wood framed windows offer breath-taking territory and city views. Enjoy the gleaming […]
Uncategorized Homeowner Tax Tips Even if you’re having a professional help you with your income tax return, you need to provide them with information on the money you spent that might be deductible.  Look at the following list to see if any of these things need a little more investigation to determine if they apply to your situation. If […]
Uncategorized 1/2% Could Make a Big Difference Over 50% of homebuyers don’t shop to find the best interest rate for their mortgage.  While a buyer wouldn’t rarely purchase the first home they look at, they will accept the rate and terms offered by only one lender. While the borrower and the property affect the rate and terms that a lender may offer, […]
Uncategorized Converting a Home to a Rental A simple decision to rent your current home instead of selling it when moving to a new home could have far reaching consequences. If you have a considerable gain, in a principal residence and you rent it for more than three years, it can lose the principal residence status and the profit must be recognized. […]
Uncategorized Get Ready to Garage Sale A well-planned garage or yard sale can make room in your home, get rid of unused items and make some money but it needs some planning to be successful. Start early to research and plan Promotion is key Display items attractively Price items right Organize checkout Saturdays are generally the best day but there may […]
Uncategorized To Buy or Not to Buy, That is the Question? Each day, if you pay attention to news media, you may find yourself either riding a roller-coaster or pulling at an old fashion taffy pull when it comes to the housing market. The Wall Street Journal had an article “Home Prices Sink Further”: Declines Reported in All 28 Major Metropolitan Areas; Unsold Inventory Piles up”, […]
Uncategorized More Doom and Gloom for the Housing Market?? The Mortgage Insurance companies don’t seem to think so (at least not in Portland).So what is Mortgage Insurance (MI)?Contrary to what it sounds like, MI it is not insurance that your mortgage will be paid if you lose your job. In fact, it is not insurance for you at all, even though you may be […]
Uncategorized FHA and “flipping” Recent experience – A buyer falls in love with a home that was purchased a couple of months ago and then was rehabilitated. New homeowner put it back on the market for considerably more than the original purchase price-obviously to compensate for the $$ spent on the updates/refurbishing. Beware! FHA loans require that the sales […]
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